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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A dynamic model of customer loyalty 2000 Costabile, Michele
A Dynamic Model of Customer Loyalty. Empirical Evidences for An Evolutionary View of Customer Relationships 2004 Costabile, Michele; M. A., Raimondo; N., Miceli
A dynamic model of customer loyalty; an empirical evidence 2002 Costabile, Michele; Raimondo, M. A.; Miceli, G.
A dynamic programming approach to nonlinear boundary control problems of parabolic type 1993 Cannarsa, P.; Gozzi, Fausto; Soner, H. M.
A efetividade das imagens na comunicação de interesse público: estratégias de veridicção. 2013 Peverini, Paolo
A European Looks at Dahl's Democracy 2001 Fabbrini, Sergio
A Farewell to Italy: Demography and Immigration 2007 Sacco, Giuseppe
A folk theorem for minority games 2005 Renault, J.; Scarlatti, S.; Scarsini, Marco
A framework for the analysis of risk disclosure 2004 Bozzolan, Saverio; Beretta, S.
A fuzzy taxonomy for e-Health projects 2012 D'Urso, Pierpaolo; De Giovanni, Livia; Spagnoletti, Paolo
A generalized Negative Binomial smoothing model for sample disclosure risk estimation 2006 Rinott, Joseph; N., Shlomo
A Laboratory Experiment on the Minority Game 2003 Bottazzi, G.; Devetag, Maria Giovanna
A Logical Framework for Convention 2005 Sillari, Giacomo
A Matter of Drawing Boundaries: Global Democracy and International Exclusion 2008 Marchetti, Raffaele
A meta-analytic study of the relationship between R&D investments and corporate value 2002 Oriani, Raffaele; Sobrero, M.
A Meta-Analytic Study of the Relationship between R&D Investments and Corporate Value 2003 Oriani, Raffaele; Sobrero, M.
A Minority Game with Bounded Recall 2007 J., Renault; Scarsini, Marco; T., Tomala
A Mixed Approach to the Work-motherhood Relation: An Appli- cation of Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Generalized Linear Models 2013 Giulia Dotti, Sani; Quaranta, Mario
A Model for the Effects of Psychological Pricing in Gabor-Granger Price Studies 1998 Wedel, M; Leeflang, Pieters
A model for the optimal asset liability management for insurance companies. 2003 Sbaraglia, S.; Papi, M.; Briani, M; Bernaschi, M.; Gozzi, Fausto
Mostrati risultati da 65 a 84 di 18.784
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