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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Backward Induction Experiment 2002 Binmore, K.; Mccarthy, J.; Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto; Samuelson, L.; Shaked, A.
A boundary value problem for Hamilton-Jacobi equations in Hilbert spaces. 1991 Cannarsa, P.; Gozzi, Fausto; Soner, H. M.
A broader view of convergence: rethinking strategy to master hybrid competition 2007 Shankar, V; Ancarani, F; Costabile, Michele
A Business aware Information Security Risk Analysis Method 2011 Moufida, Sadok; Spagnoletti, Paolo
A Business Ontology for supporting cross border cooperation between european chambers of commerce 2008 D'Atri, Alessandro; DE NICOLA, A; Missikoff, O.
A common European Spectrum policy 2008 Erik, Bohlin; Colin, Blackman; Simon, Forge; Renda, Andrea
A Comparison and an Exploration of the Forecasting Accuracy of a Loglinear Model at Different Levels of Aggregation 1994 Foekens, E. W.; Leeflang, Pieters; Wittink, D. R.
"A Comparison between ‘One Thousand and One Night’ and the ‘Pentamerone’ of the Italian Writer G. Basile” (Muqâranah bayna alf laylâ wa layl wa qisâs 'l-bintâmîrûnî, Il Pentamerone, li-'l-kâtib al-Itâlî Bâsîlî, G. B. Basile" 1998 Corrao, Francesca Maria
A Comparison of the Estimates of EU and non-EU Preference Functionals Using Data from Pairwise Choice and Complete Ranking Experiments 1995 Carbone, E.; Hey, JOHN DENIS
A conceptual model for the dynamic profiling of e-customers 2004 Costabile, Michele; Ricotta, F; Miceli, G.
A Consumer Perspective on Value Creation. 2007 Priem, RICHARD LEE
A cooperation framework for cross-border service providers: the LD-CAST project 2008 Spagnoletti, P; D'Atri, Alessandro
A Corrected Proof of the Stochastic Verification Theorem within the Framework of Viscosity Solutions 2009 Gozzi, Fausto; Swiech, A.; Zhou, X. Y.
A Cross-national Investigation into the Marketing Department’s Influence within the Firm 2009 Verhoef, P. C.; Leeflang, Pieters; Natter, M.; Baker, W.; Grinstein, A.; Gustafsson, A.; Morrison, P.; Saunders, J.
A Demand-side Perspective on Supply Chain Management. 2012 Priem, RICHARD LEE; M., Swink
A Demokracia Minoségi Elemeinek Vizsgalata 2011 Morlino, Leonardo
A Design Theory for e-Service environments: the interoperability challenge 2012 Spagnoletti, Paolo; Za, Stefano
A Design Theory for IT supporting Online Communities 2012 Spagnoletti, Paolo; Resca, Andrea
A dieci anni dal Testo Unico della Finanza: il ruolo delle autorità di vigilanza 2009 Enriques, Luca
A direct test of the original version of regret theory 1988 Di Cagno, Daniela Teresa; J. D., Hey
Mostrati risultati da 45 a 64 di 18.887
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