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Amplifon in the US: A Story of Customer-Centric International Growth 2022 Majocchi, Antonio; Zattoni, Alessandro
Open Social Innovation local ecosystems: The case of Dolomiti Innovation Valley 2023 Tricarico, Luca; Leone, Maria Isabella; De Propris, Luciano; Lelo, Arda
The Role of Strategic Fundraising in Marketing Plan of Non-profit Companies: The Case of Susan G. Komen Italy 2021 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Masetti, Riccardo; Serafini, Ludovica
smart - Continuous Conceptual Innovation with “Limited” Product Innovation: The Strategic Role of Communication to reinforce Brand Equity 2021 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Jelinek, Radek
Brand Development through Brand Extension and Licensing: Pininfarina Extra 2020 Mazzù, Marco Francesco
Digital Enablers for New Decision Journeys: Creating and Adopting Digital Touch Points – Sorgenia 2020 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Serafini, Ludovica
Maccarese – From agriculture to food tech: Trading-Up and De-Commoditizing Valuable Raw Materials 2022 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Benetton, Andrea; Baccelloni, Angelo; Lavini, Ludovico
«Value and values»: purpose, reputation e scelte di brand nella fusione WINDTRE 2022 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Caroli, Matteo Giuliano
Macron: The Strategic Role of Sponsorship to Sustain Brand Growth 2020 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Gambicorti, Antea
Can Social Innovation and Proximity Save Our Cities?: Reflections on the “Accelerator for the Local Economy” Case in Milan 2022 Tricarico, Luca; Leone, Maria Isabella
The good, the bad, and the grey: Qualitative management research and ethical data collection from social media communities 2022 Balachandran Nair, Lakshmi
Sustainable Value Chain Management in the Diamond Industry – The Case of Samarth Diamond 2021 Jell-Ojobor, Maria; Wudaru, SRITEJA REDDY
ACEA Thinking Outside ACEA. How a 110-Years Old, Asset-Intensive Company Innovates its Innovation Model and Designs an Innovation Factory 2020 Leone, Maria Isabella; de Lorenzis, Laura
LEONARDO’s IP Evolution. From a “Sword and Shield” posture to a mature IP rights management approach for coping with the new competitive landscape in the Aerospace & Defence Industry 2021 Leone, Maria Isabella; Rogo, Francesco
Elettricità Futura: the challenge for integration, innovation and sustainability in the electric industry 2020 Caroli, Matteo Giuliano; Pongelli, Claudia; Valentino, Alfredo
Facing a new World: Repositioning Police Services for the 21st Century 2019 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? A young traveler’s decision making problem 2020 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk; Schoeneborn, Dennis
Individual exposure, elaboration and somatization of competing institutional logics: the paradoxical case of Ivo Watts-Russell 2020 e Cunha, Miguel Pina; Giustiniano, Luca
Medici: Masters of Florence Around the Globe 2020 Pirolo, Luca; Nasta, Luigi
What is Her Story?: Investigating sexual harassment in the modern workplace 2020 Balachandran Nair, Lakshmi
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 28
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  • 05 - Altra tipologia (OTHER RESEARCH OUTPUT)28
  • Mazzù, Marco Francesco7
  • Acciarini, Chiara5
  • Balachandran Nair, Lakshmi4
  • Leone, Maria Isabella4
  • Caroli, Matteo Giuliano2
  • Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk2
  • Tricarico, Luca2
  • Giustiniano, Luca1
  • Jell-Ojobor, Maria1
  • Kazemargi, Niloofar1
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