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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
From LZ77 to the run-length encoded burrows-wheeler transform, and back 2017 Policriti, Alberto; Prezza, Nicola
From Multi-speed to Multi-tier: Making Europe Fit for Herself 2023 Fabbrini, Sergio
From Myth to Reality and Back Again: The Fascist and Post-Fascist Reading of Garibaldi and the Risorgimento 2011 Forlenza, Rosario; Thomassen, B
From network ties to network structures: Exponential Random Graph Models of interorganizational relations 2013 Pallotti, Francesca; Lomi, Alessandro; Mascia, Daniele
From old to new industrial policy via economic regulation 2014 Thatcher, Mark
From people to objects: The digital transformation of fields 2021 Alaimo, Cristina
From policies of fear to politics of values: human rights on the agenda of the European Union 2013 Zwagemakers, Anna Caroline Lucienne Maria
From Pussy Riot's Punk Prayer to Matilda: Orthodox Believers, Critique and Religious Freedom in Russia 2021 Uzlaner, Dmitry; Stoeckl, Kristina
From Pussy Riot’s 'punk prayer' to Matilda: Orthodox believers, critique, and religious freedom in Russia 2019 Uzlaner, Dmitry; Stoeckl, Kristina
From Rational to Behavioral: New Tendencies in Decision Theory and Cognitive Psychology and their Impact on the Routine Level Analysis of Organizations 2012 Taddei, Daniele
From Redistribution to Market. Social and Attitudinal Change in Post-Soviet Russia. 1995 Zaslavsky, Viktor
From responsiveness to responsibility? The government experience of three parties of left-wing Euroscepticism 2022 Ozkardes, AKIF CEM
From Rome to Lisbon: "Executive Federalism" in the (New) European Union 2010 Schuetze, Robert
From Stars to Diamonds: Counting and Listing Almost Complete Subgraphs in Large Networks In corso di stampa Finocchi, Irene; Leon Garcia, Renan; Sinaimeri, Blerina
From Supply Chains to Supply Networks: the Beer Game evolution 2009 D'Atri, Alessandro; Spagnoletti, Paolo; A., Banzato; C., Bonelli; E., Datri; V., Traversi; P., Zenobi
From the COVID-19 emergency to future-proof Social Prosperity: Reflections from the Italian context 2020 Tricarico, Luca; Venturi, Paolo
From the Prodi Government to the D'Alema Government: Continuity or Discontinuity 2000 Fabbrini, Sergio
From the streets to the web: communication and democratic participation in the case of the ‘Sardines’ 2021 Caruso, Loris; De Blasio, Emiliana
From the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century: Between Two Major Historical Junctures? An Interview with Mario Telò Covering his Research Career from 1975 to 2017 2019 Telò, Mario; Ponjaert, Frederik
From the “Closed” to the “Open” Commercial State: A Very Brief History of International Economic Law 2017 Schuetze, Robert
Mostrati risultati da 5.748 a 5.767 di 18.607
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