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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Contingency Theory of Institutional Entrepreneurship 2016 Capo, Francesca; Brunetta, Federica; Boccardelli, Paolo
Crowdsourcing and the stock market 2016 Cappa, Francesco; Oriani, Raffaele; Pinelli, Michele
The dirty side of money: How extrinsic incentives jeopardize knowledge sharing 2017 Lombardi, Sara; Cavaliere, Vincenzo; Giustiniano, Luca; Cipollini, Fabrizio
Driving Performance via Exploration in Changing Environments: Evidence from Formula one Racing 2014 Marino, Alessandro; P., Aversa; L. F., Mesquita; J., Anand
Engaging citizens in science projects 2016 Cappa, Francesco; Giustiniano, Luca
Entrepreneurial Team Composition and Strategic Choice: A Configurational Analysis 2018 Villani, E; Linder, C; Lechner, Christian
"Explaining the Use of the Grant-Back Clause in Technology Licensing" 2013 K., Laursen; Leone, Maria Isabella; S., Moreira; T., Reichstein
Fast enough but not too fast: adaptive vs. pioneering strategies in turbulent environments 2013 Marino, Alessandro; P., Aversa; L. F., Mesquita
Financial constraints in Markets for technology: Licensing as a source of finance 2015 Leone, Maria Isabella; Moreira, Solon; Oriani, Raffaele
Formal institutions and acquisitions of non-controlling equity stakes 2017 Pinelli, Michele; Cappa, Francesco; Zattoni, Alessandro
Institutional quality differences and the performance effect of M&As on rival firms 2018 Kalanoski, Dimitrija; Cappa, Francesco; Pinelli, Michele
Metaphors for Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Narrate Different Types of Innovation 2017 Bruni, Elena; Bonesso, Sara; Gerli, Fabrizio
Motivating Engagement with Novel Innovation Mechanisms 2020 Gallus, Jana; Jung, Olivia; Lakhani, Karim R.; Gallus, Jana; Bo Jeppesen, Lars; Malhotra, Arvind; Nagaraj, Abhishek; Ransbotham, Sam B.; Giustiniano, Luca; Jung, Olivia; Kretzschmar, Linn; Lakhani, Karim R.; Reinsberger, Kathrin
Nudging Citizen Scientists: Motivation, Behavior and Awareness in Energy Demand Management 2018 Cappa, Francesco; Giustiniano, Luca; Rosso, Federica; Squarcia, Gianluca
Shareholders’ Protection and the Ability to Play the Game: Means, Motive and Opportunity to Tunnel 2016 Pinelli, Michele; Cappa, Francesco; Peruffo, Enzo; Oriani, Raffaele
Top Management Teams And Vertical Alliance Portfolio Variety 2015 Aversa, Paolo; Santoni, Simone; Marino, Alessandro
What determines Initial Coin Offerings return for investors 2019 Cappa, Francesco; Pinelli, Michele
Who gets a mentor? The effects of founder characteristics and startup mentor motivations on founder selection 2023 Becker, Kai; Engel, Yuval; Ebbers, Joris
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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