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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Compressed weighted de Bruijn graphs 2021 Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Prezza, Nicola; Sinaimeri, Blerina; Venturini, R.
Computing the 4-edge-connected components of a graph in linear time 2021 Georgiadis, Loukas; Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Kosinas, E.
Computing vertex-edge cut-pairs and 2-edge cuts in practice 2021 Georgiadis, Loukas; Giannis, K.; Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Kosinas, E.
Detecting Mutations by eBWT 2018 Prezza, Nicola; Pisanti, Nadia; Sciortino, Marinella; Rosone, Giovanna
Dominating sets and connected dominating sets in dynamic graphs 2019 Hjuler, N.; Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Parotsidis, N.; Saulpic, D.
Dynamic dominators and low-high orders in DAGs 2019 Georgiadis, L.; Giannis, K.; Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Karanasiou, A.; Laura, L.
Faster algorithms for all-pairs bounded min-cuts 2019 Abboud, A.; Georgiadis, L.; Italiano, Giuseppe Francesco; Krauthgamer, R.; Parotsidis, N.; Trabelsi, O.; Uznanski, P.; Wolleb-Graf, D.
A framework of dynamic data structures for string processing 2017 Prezza, Nicola
From LZ77 to the run-length encoded burrows-wheeler transform, and back 2017 Policriti, Alberto; Prezza, Nicola
A general framework for enumerating equivalence classes of solutions 2021 Wang, Y.; Mary, A.; Sagot, M. -F.; Sinaimeri, Blerina
Making sense of a cophylogeny output: Efficient listing of representative reconciliations 2021 Wang, Y.; Mary, A.; Sagot, M. -F.; Sinaimeri, Blerina
Optimal rank and select queries on dictionary-compressed text 2019 Prezza, Nicola
Space-efficient computation of the LCP array from the Burrows-Wheeler transform 2019 Prezza, Nicola; Rosone, G.
String attractors: Verification and optimization 2018 Kempa, D.; Policriti, A.; Prezza, Nicola; Rotenberg, E.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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