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Who Is Responsible for Disinformation? European Approaches to Social Platforms’ Accountability in the Post-Truth Era 2021 De Blasio, Emiliana; Selva, Donatella
Who shall administer the National Capital Territory of Delhi? The Indian Supreme Court affirms a principle of collaboration between the federal and the “local” government for the city management 2019 Tatì, Elisabetta
Who Should Control a Corporation? Towards a Contingency Stakeholder Theory for Allocating Ownership Rights 2011 Zattoni, Alessandro
Why Adopt Codes of Good Governance? A Comparison of Institutional and Efficiency Perspectives 2008 Zattoni, Alessandro; F., Cuomo
Why and How Education Affects Economic Growth 2009 Zeira, Joseph
Why are neoliberal ideas so resilient in Europe's political economy? 2014 Schmidt, Vivien A.; Thatcher, Mark
Why Choose Open Government? Motivations for the Adoption of Open Government Policies in Four European Countries 2016 De Blasio, Emiliana; Selva, Donatella
Why crowd funding works: Attention-deficient investors discard window dressed funding proposals 2012 Lars Bo, Jeppesen; Oriani, Raffaele; Rullani, Francesco
Why Do Firms Invest in Consumer Advertising with Limited Sales Response? A Shareholder Perspective 2011 Osinga, E. C.; Leeflang, Pieters; Srinivasan, S.; Wieringa, J. E.
Why Do Parent Companies Guarantee Their Subsidiaries’ Bonds? The Dark Side of Separate Legal Liability 2019 Altieri, Michela; Massa, M; Manconi, A
Why do people network? Professional networking motives and their implications for networking behaviors and career success 2023 Porter, C. M.; Woo, S. E.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Snyder, G.
Why do small businesses have difficulty in accessing bank financing? 2022 Harrison, R.; Li, Y.; Vigne, Samuel Alexandre; Wu, Y.
Why do some patents get licensed while others do not? 2017 Ruckman, K.; Mccarthy, Ian Paul
Why do they do that? Motives and dimensions of Family Firms’ CSR engagement 2018 Izzo, Maria Federica; Ciaburri, Mirella
Why Drones Have Not Revolutionized War: The Enduring Hider-Finder Competition in Air Warfare 2022 Marchetti, Raffaele; Gilli, Andrea; Mauro, Gilli; Calcara, Antonio; Ivan, Zaccagnini
Why Has Intergovernmentalism Failed in Managing the Euro Crisis? 2013 Fabbrini, Sergio
Why Immigration Policy Should Be a Federal Policy: Considerations on the EU and the US 2011 Giordani, Paolo; Ruta, Michele
Why knowledge exchange occurs? The role of social networks, homophily, and proximity 2009 Gabrielli, G.; Profili, S.; Dandi, Roberto; Losito, M.
Why Some People Just “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”: Secure versus Insecure Attachment Styles Affect One’s “Style of Being in the Social World” 2017 Verbeke, Willem; Belschack, Frank; Bagozzi, Richard P.; Pozharliev, Rumen Ivaylov; Ein Dor, Tsachi
Why We Should Not Be Silent About Noise 2005 Hey, JOHN DENIS
Mostrati risultati da 18.810 a 18.829 di 18.891
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