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When do M&As with fintech firms benefit traditional banks? 2024 Collevecchio, F.; Cappa, Francesco; Peruffo, Enzo; Oriani, Raffaele
When does big data benefit firm performance? 2020 Cappa, Francesco; Oriani, Raffaele; Peruffo, Enzo; Mccarthy, Ian Paul
When does crowdsourcing benefit firm stock market performance? 2019 Cappa, Francesco; Oriani, Raffaele; Pinelli, Michele; De Massis, Alfredo
When does Knowledge Integration work? Strategic contingencies and value creation 2011 Ceci, Federica; Masini, A.; Prencipe, Andrea
When does managerial ability most affect value creation? Evidence from Factor Markets in feature film production 2014 Boccardelli, Paolo; Lechner, Christian; Oriani, Raffaele; Priem, RICHARD LEE
When feature-based production capabilities challenge operations: Drivers, moderators, and performance 2020 De Giovanni, Pietro
When hard skills are not enough: Emotional, social and cognitive competencies that successful data scientists and analysts should demonstrate 2018 Bruni, Elena; Bonesso, Sara; Gerli, Fabrizio
When hunter gets hunted: Role of resilience in institutional change 2018 Kella, Chintan; Rimac, Tomislav; Capo, Francesca; Gurses, Kerem
When institutions matter: electoral systems and intraparty fractionalization in Western Europe 2023 Emanuele, Vincenzo; Marino, Bruno; Martocchia Diodati, N.
When is Selfish Routing Bad? The Price of Anarchy in Light and Heavy Traffic 2020 COLINI BALDESCHI, Riccardo; Cominetti, Roberto; Mertikopoulos, Panayotis; Scarsini, Marco
When Linder meets Hirschman: inter-industry linkages and global value chains in business services 2019 Lopez Gonzalez, J.; Meliciani, Valentina; Savona, Maria
When long memory meets the Kalman filter: a comparative study 2014 Grassi, Stefano; Santucci de Magistris, Paolo
When Lorenz met Lyapunov 2001 Dall'Aglio, Marco; Scarsini, Marco
“When Media and Politics Overlap: Inferences from the Italian Case” 2011 Fabbrini, Sergio
When Parties Fail. Emerging Alternative Organizations 1991 Fabbrini, Sergio
When parties guide voters. Surprising results from an experimental research 2020 De Sio, Lorenzo
When partners’ disagreement prevents childbearing: A couple-level analysis in Australia 2021 Testa, Maria Rita; Bolano, Danilo
When Science meets responsibility: the Major Risk Commission and the L’Aquila earthquake 2014 Simoncini, Marta
When the brand is bad, I am mad! An exploration of negative emotions to brands 2009 Romani, Simona; Sadeh, H.; Dalli, D.
When the Robots (try to) Take Over: Of Artificial Intelligence, Authors, Creativity and Copyright Protection 2024 Geiger, Christophe
Mostrati risultati da 18.770 a 18.789 di 18.891
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