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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-first Century 2009 Fabbrini, Sergio
The Crisis of the Euro and the Transformation of the EU 2012 Fabbrini, Sergio
The cultural construction of conflict: A comparative study of the language of TV news reporting of the 2003 Iraq war in Italy and the US 2007 Lombardo, LINDA JEAN
The Current Status of Legal Principles Prohibiting the Use of Force and Legal Justifications of the Use of Force 2005 Ronzitti, Natalino
The Customer Concept: The Basis for a New Marketing Paradigm 1999 Hoekstra, J. C.; Leeflang, Pieters; Wittink, D. R.
The Customer Relationship Management in Omnitel Vodafone 2002 Addis, M; Bona, F; Costabile, Michele; Padula, G.
The Democratic Governance of the Euro: Policy Report 2012 Fabbrini, Sergio
The development of RIA in the European Union: an overview 2010 Renda, Andrea
The development of the narrative genre in English and Italian as a foreign language 1999 Lombardo, LINDA JEAN; R., Piazza
The Digital Business Ecosystem 2007 Corallo, Angelo; Passiante, Giuseppina; Prencipe, Andrea
The Dissatisfied Society. Protest and Support in Italy 1996 Morlino, Leonardo; M., Tarchi
The domestic conditions for a paradigmatic change in the United States' Foreign Policy 2009 Fabbrini, Sergio; D., Sicurelli
The Domestic Sources of European Anti-Americanism 2002 Fabbrini, Sergio
The Dubins-Spanier optimization problem in fair division theory. 2001 Dall'Aglio, Marco
“The economic impact of digital technologies in Europe”. 2014 Guerrieri, P.; Evangelista, R.; Meliciani, Valentina
The economic impact of digital technologies: an empirical analysis on European countries 2011 Meliciani, Valentina
The Economic Valuation of Patents: Methods and Applications 2011 Federico, Munari; Oriani, Raffaele
The Economics of Enlargement 2003 Manzocchi, Stefano
The Economics of System Integration:Toward an Evolutionary Interpretation 2003 G., Dosi; Hobday, M.; Marengo, Luigi; Prencipe, Andrea
The Economics of Systems Integration: Towards an Evolutionary Interpretation 2003 Dosi, G; Hobday, M; Marengo, Luigi; Prencipe, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 17.428 a 17.447 di 18.813
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