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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Muhammad Mahdī al-Ğawāhirī 2006 Corrao, Francesca Maria
Multi-attribute group decision making based on T-spherical fuzzy soft rough average aggregation operators 2023 Akram, Muahmmad; Martino, Alessio
Multi-lateral airline alliances: balancing constraints and opportunities 2006 Sveinn Vidar, Gudmundsson; Lechner, Christian
A Multi-objective Optimization Approach for the Synthesis of Granular Computing-Based Classification Systems in the Graph Domain 2022 Baldini, L.; Martino, Alessio; Rizzi, A.
Multiculturalismo nelle relazioni internazionali 2011 Maffettone, Sebastiano
A multidimensional conceptualization of environmental velocity 2010 Mccarthy, Ian Paul; Lawrence, T.; Wixted, B.; Gordon, B.
Multifractal Characterization and Modeling of Blood Pressure Signals 2022 De Santis, Enrico; Naraei, Parisa; Martino, Alessio; Sadeghian, Alireza; Rizzi, Antonello
A multilevel constitutional perspective on Brexit: From local to global 2023 Fasone, Cristina; Martinelli, Claudio
A Multilevel Perspective on Corporate Governance: Firm, Industry, and Macro Environments 2023 Zattoni, Alessandro; VAN EES, Hans
Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors: Tax Aspects 2012 Melis, Giuseppe; Persiani, Alessio
A multilevel study of social networks and collective reactions to organizational change 2023 Pallotti, Francesca; Mascia, Daniele; Giorgio, L
La multimedialità 2009 Peverini, Paolo
Multinational Corporations and Climate Change: towards a new “right to a safe climate”? 2022 Terrizzi, Elena
Multinational Enterprises’ Compliance with Labour Standards in International Investment Law and Arbitration 2022 Greco, Donato
Multiple banking relationships and over-leverage in Italian manufacturing firms 2006 Meliciani, Valentina; Cosci, S.
Multiple banking relationships: evidence from the Italian experience 2002 Meliciani, Valentina; V., Cosci
A multiple case-study investigation on the intersection between sustainability and reputation: An impact-driven framework for sport teams 2024 Mazzù, Marco Francesco; Savarese, Federica; Cisotta, Pantaleo; Litardi, Irene; Scognamiglio, Elisabetta
Multiple Modernities and Postsecular Societies 2012 Rosati, Massimo; Stoeckl, Kristina
Multiple Organisational Identities after M&As 2017 Giustiniano, Luca; De Bernardis, Luigi
A multiproduct EOQ model with inflation, discount, and permissible delay in payments under shortage and limited warehouse space 2014 Hamid Reza Pasandideh, Seyed; Taghi Akhavan Niaki, Seyed; Maleki Vishkaei, Behzad
Mostrati risultati da 12.221 a 12.240 di 18.617
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