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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
How language abstractness affects service referral persuasiveness 2017 De Angelis, Matteo; Tassiello, Vito; Amatulli, Cesare; Costabile, Michele
HOW LANGUAGE AROUSAL SHAPES RESPONSES TO INFLUENCERSPONSORED CONTENT 2022 Cascio Rizzo, Giovanni Luca; De Angelis, Matteo; Pozharliev, Rumen Ivaylov; Villarroel Ordenes, Francisco Javier; Costabile, Michele
How managers detect paradox: critical realism, moderate constructivism and sensemaking in action 2018 e Cunha, Miguel Pina; Giustiniano, Luca; Clegg, Stewart; Rego, Arménio; Ramus, Tommaso
How Many Unions? 2013 Fabbrini, Sergio
How Many Waves of Democratization? 2014 De Mucci, Raffaele
How much are flexibility and uncertainty worth in patent licensing? 2015 Leone, Maria Isabella; Oriani, Raffaele; Reichstein, Toke
How Much Do Country-Level or Firm-Level Variables Matter in Corporate Governance Studies? 2013 Kumar, Praveen; Zattoni, Alessandro
How Much Does the Stock Market Risk Decline with the Investment Horizon? A Cross-Country Comparison 2014 Nucera, FEDERICO CALOGERO; Favero Carlo, A.
How much should society fuel the greed of innovators? On the Relations Between Appropriability, Opportunities and Rates of Innovation 2006 G., Dosi; Marengo, Luigi; C., Pasquali
How much should society fuel the greed of innovators? On the relations between appropriability, opportunities and rates of innovation 2010 G., Dosi; Marengo, Luigi; C., Pasquali
How Promotions Work: SCAN*PRO-Based Evolutionary Model Building 2002 Heerde H. J., Van; Leeflang, Pieters; Wittink, D. R.
“How Relationship Age Modarates Loyalty Formation - The Increasing Effect of Relational Equity on Customer Loyalty", 2008 Costabile, Michele; M. A., Raimondo; G., Miceli
How Safe is the King’s Throne? Network Externalities on Trial 2003 Renda, Andrea; Pardolesi, Roberto
How Sensory Language Shapes Influencer’s Impact 2023 Cascio Rizzo, Giovanni Luca; Berge, Jonah; De Angelis, Matteo; Pozharliev, Rumen Ivaylov
How Technogym Created the Wellness Industry 2018 Boccardelli, Paolo; Peruffo, Enzo
How the Old World Encountered the New One: Regulatory Competition and Cooperation in European Corporate and Bankruptcy Law 2007 Enriques, Luca; M., Gelter
How time and perceptions of social context shape employee absenteeism trajectories 2013 Dello Russo, Silvia; Miraglia, M; Borgogni, L; Johns, G
How to acquire legitimacy and become a player in a regional innovation ecosystem? The case of a young university 2021 Villani, Elisa; Lechner, Christian
How to allocate hard candies fairly 2006 Dall'Aglio, Marco; R., Mosca
How to allocate hard candies fairly 2007 Dall'Aglio, Marco; R., Mosca
Mostrati risultati da 6.356 a 6.375 di 18.160
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