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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Home Pooling: Applying co-governance to the housing sector 2018 Iaione, Fernando Christian; Bernardi, Monica; Prevete, Chiara
The Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights in the European Union: A Constitutional Analysis [book review] 2020 Gallo, Daniele
Hospital reorganization and its effects on physicians’ network churn: The role of past ties 2021 Giorgio, Luca; Mascia, Daniele; Cicchetti, Americo
Hospital restructuring and physician job satisfaction: An empirical study 2014 Mascia, Daniele; Morandi, Federica; Cicchetti, Americo
Hotspot di Lampedusa e gravi violazioni dei diritti umani da parte dell'Italia 2023 Pustorino, Pietro
The House of Lords report on the post-crisis EU regulatory framework: where does the UK stand? 2015 Lastra, R; Miglionico, Andrea
The Housing Cost Disease 2015 Borri, Nicola; Reichlin, Pietro
The Housing Cost Disease 2018 Borri, Nicola; Reichlin, Pietro
How a multiple orientation of control reduces governance failures: a focus on monastic auditing 2015 Inauen, Emil; Osterloh, Margit; Frey, Bruno S.; Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
How and Why Audience’s Expertise Shapes Word-of-Mouth Valence 2015 De Angelis, Matteo; Berger, Jonah; Ofir, Chezy
How are Parliaments involved in the European Semester? 2017 Fasone, Cristina
How Can Organizations Leverage Value from Big Data? A Systematic Literature Review 2023 Cappa, Francesco; Boccardelli, Paolo; Oriani, Raffaele; Acciarini, Chiara
How can qualitative research advance the understanding of family firms’ internationalization? A multiple case study of family firms internationalizing into China and India 2020 Pongelli, Claudia; Calabrò, Andrea
How CGIR Contributes to the Development of Corporate Governance: One Mission, Various Formats 2013 Praveen, Kumar; Zattoni, Alessandro
How China Set Its Response to COVID-19 From Crisis to Opportunity: The response to COVID-19 contrasts with the CCP’s reaction to previous health crises, when the approach was to downplay the extent of the virus. 2022 Lucenti, Flavia
How communities affect organizations: understanding the role of embeddedness, Institutional Collective Actions, and institutions 2023 Piperno, Alessandro
How companies' good deeds encourage consumers to adopt pro-social behavior 2014 Romani, Simona; Grappi, S.
How Consumption Experience Valence and Perceived Assortment Size Interact to Shape Word-of-Mouth Sharing 2017 De Angelis, Matteo; Carpenter, Gregory S.; Dubois, David; Costabile, Michele
How Deep Should It Be? On the Optimality of Hierarchical Architectures 2006 Motro, A.; D'Atri, Alessandro; Gafni, E.
How Demand Information Can Destabilize a Cartel 2008 GIARDINO-KARLINGER, Liliane
Mostrati risultati da 6.316 a 6.335 di 18.160
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