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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Business Applications of Social Network Analysis: Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Workshop (BASNA 2010) 2010 Sarkar, A.; Dandi, Roberto; Dasgupta, K.; Paul, S.
Business Development Through Digital Transformation: The Evolution of Amazon.Com 2014 Resca, Andrea; Spagnoletti, Paolo
Business Ethics 2011 Gentile, Valentina
Business Ethics. SAGE Business Foundations. 2023 Balachandran Nair, Lakshmi
Business faculty perceptions of authentic leaders: a cross-cultural exploratory study 2015 Giustiniano, Luca; Luthy, Michael R.; Byrd, John T.
Business Model Adaptation in Response to an Exogenous Shock: An Empirical Analysis of the Portuguese Footwear Industry 2018 Corbo, Leonardo; Pirolo, Luca; Rodrigues, V.
Business model analysis as a new tool for policy evaluation: policies for digital content platforms 2007 Ballon, P; Poel, M; Renda, Andrea
Il Business Model come punto di contatto tra Tecnologia e Organizzazione 2008 D'Atri, Alessandro; Braccini, A. M.
Business model e driver di sviluppo nel settore televisivo 2014 Corbo, Leonardo; Pirolo, Luca
Business model innovation and digital transformation in global management consulting firms 2021 Tavoletti, E.; Kazemargi, Niloofar; Cerruti, C.; Grieco, C.; Appolloni, A.
Business model innovation: antecedents of business model innovation and effects on firm performance 2014 Hartmann, Monika
Business Models and e-services: an ontological approach in a cross-border environment 2008 Braccini, Alessio Maria; Spagnoletti, Paolo
Business models and Innovation: Lessons from the Television Industry 2013 Corbo, Leonardo; Pirolo, Luca
Business Models Heterogeneity and Heterogeneous Performances: an Explorative Study of the Italian Telecom Industry 2005 Boccardelli, Paolo; Marchegiani, L.
Business models in technology-based firms: a cognitive approach to regional differences 2010 Vargas, R. A.; Mccarthy, Ian Paul
Business Opportunities in the Middle East 2010 Giustiniano, Luca
Business Outcomes of Outsourcing 2014 Giustiniano, Luca; Lucia, Marchegiani; Peruffo, Enzo; Pirolo, Luca
Business outcomes of outsourcing: lessons from management research 2015 Giustiniano, Luca; Marchegiani, Lucia; Peruffo, Enzo; Pirolo, Luca
Business services and the export performances of manufacturing industries 2015 Evangelista, R.; Lucchese, M.; Meliciani, Valentina
Business services, innovation and sectoral growth 2013 R., Evangelista; M., Lucchese; Meliciani, Valentina
Mostrati risultati da 1.572 a 1.591 di 18.891
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