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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Career diversity and project performance in the Italian television industry 2016 Vicentini, Francesca; Boccardelli, Paolo
Central positions and performance in the scientific community: evidences from clinical research projects 2015 Brunetta, Federica; Boccardelli, Paolo; Lipparini, A.
Channel coordination with a manufacturer controlling the price and the effect of competition 2019 Sacco, A; De Giovanni, Pietro
Consumer response to corporate irresponsible behavior: Moral emotions and virtues 2013 Grappi, S; Romani, Simona; Bagozzi, R. P.
Customer experience management in the age of big data analytics: A strategic framework 2020 Holmlund, M.; Van Vaerenbergh, Y.; Ciuchita, R.; Ravald, A.; Sarantopoulos, P.; Villarroel Ordenes, Francisco Javier; Zaki, M.
Family firms' international make-or-buy decisions: Captive offshoring, offshore outsourcing, and the role of home region focus 2019 Pongelli, Claudia; Calabro, A.; Basco, R.
Governance of international franchise networks: Combining value creation and value appropriation perspectives 2022 Jell-Ojobor, Maria; Hajdini, Ilir; Windsperger, Josef
How do non-innovative firms start innovation and build legitimacy? The case of professional service firms 2021 Villani, E.; Linder, C.; Lechner, Christian; Muller, L.
How language abstractness affects service referral persuasiveness 2017 De Angelis, Matteo; Tassiello, Vito; Amatulli, Cesare; Costabile, Michele
Impacts of leadership style, organizational design and HRM practices on knowledge hiding: The indirect roles of organizational justice and competitive work environment 2021 Oubrich, M.; Hakmaoui, A.; Benhayoun, L.; Solberg Soilen, K.; Abdulkader, Bisan
Integrating agency and resource dependence theory: Firm profitability, industry regulation, and board tasks performance 2014 A., Pugliese; A., Minichilli; Zattoni, Alessandro
Learning in an Agile Setting: A Multilevel Study on the Evolution of Organizational Routines 2020 Annosi, Maria Carmela; Martini, Antonella; Brunetta, Federica; Marchegiani, Lucia
Machine learning for marketing on the KNIME Hub: The development of a live repository for marketing applications 2021 Villarroel Ordenes, Francisco Javier; Rosaria, Silipo
Product touch in the real and digital world: How do consumers react? 2020 Pino, Giovanni; Amatulli, Cesare; Nataraajan, Rajan; De Angelis, Matteo; Peluso, Alessandro Maria; Guido, Gianluigi
Proud to be sustainable: Upcycled versus recycled luxury products 2021 Adiguzel, Feray; Donato, Carmela
Shopping enjoyment to the extreme: Hedonic shopping motivations and compulsive buying in developed and emerging markets 2018 Horvath, Csilla; Adiguzel, Feray
When birds of a feather don't flock together: Diversity and innovation outcomes in international R&D collaboration 2020 Brunetta, Federica; Marchegiani, Lucia; Peruffo, Enzo
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 20 di 20
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