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The international rule of law time after time: temporary institutions between change and continuity 2015 Ranchordas, Sofia
Online reputation and the regulation of information asymmetries in the platform economy 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
Citizens as consumers in the data economy: The case of smart cities 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
P2P-netwerken, de deeleconomie en de blockchain: de vergunning is dood, lang leve de vergunning! 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
Data-driven regulation and governance in smart cities 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia; Abram, Klop
Experimentwetgeving pad naar innovatie of de democratische rechtsstaat onder druk? 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
On Sharing and Quasi-Sharing: The Tension between Sharing-Economy Practices, Public Policy, and Regulation 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
One foot in the door: evidence-based limits on the legislative mandate 2018 Ranchordas, Sofia
Quasi-constitutionalism and informal legislative entrenchment: a case study: The case of the Affordable Care Act 2019 Ranchordas, Sofia
Public Values, Private Regulators: Between Regulation and Reputation in the Sharing Economy 2019 Ranchordas, Sofia
Smart Mobility, Transport Poverty and the Legal Framework of Inclusive Mobility 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia
The Constitutions of the Dutch Caribbean: A Study of the Countries of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten and the Public Entities of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 2020 Irene, Broekhuijse; Ernst Hirsch Ballin, ; Ranchordas, Sofia
Nudging citizens through technology in smart cities 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia
Breaking down information silos with big data: a legal analysis of data sharing 2020 De Gregorio, Giovanni; Ranchordas, Sofia
Innovatie en betere regelgeving 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia
Time, Law, and Change: An Interdisciplinary Study 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia; Roznai, Yaniv
Outsourcing the welfare state: the role of private actors in welfare fraud investigations 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia; Schuurmans, Ymre
The New City Regulators: Platform and Public Values in Smart and Sharing Cities 2020 Ranchordas, Sofia; Goanta, Catalina
Smart public law. Automation and decentralisation of public power: smart contracts and the blockchain as stepping stones for a digital and polycentric good administration? 2021 Iaione, Fernando Christian; Sofia, Ranchordas
Experimental Regulations for AI: Sandboxes for Morals and Mores 2021 Ranchordas, Sofia
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 25
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