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Student Organizations as Avenues for Leader Learning and Development 2017 Sessa, V. I.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Farago, P.; Schettino, G.; Tacchi, K.; Bragger, J. D.
Leader Possible Selves: A New Motivational Construct to Consider in College Student Leader Development? 2018 Sessa, Valerie; Bragger, Jennifer; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Knudsen, Quinn; Toich, Margaret
Developing leaders to serve and servants to lead 2019 Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Bragger, J.; D'Ambrio, K.; Morgan, J.; Sessa, V.
Building effective networks for the transition from the military to the civilian workforce: Who, what, when, and how 2021 Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Porter, C. M.; Cullen-Lester, K.
Developing Leaders to Serve and Servants to Lead 2021 Bragger, J. D.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; D'Ambrosio, K.; Williams, N.
How nurse preceptors provide help to new nurses influences perceived relationship quality 2022 Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Porter, C. M.; Graves, K.; Gordon, M.
Developing an Other-Focus: A Servant Leadership Oriented Assessment, Challenge, and Support Model of Leadership Development 2023 Bragger, Jennifer D.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Templeman, Alix; Tosto, Pasquale; Coulter, Alexis; Steinhour, Brooke; Williams, Nikita; Sobel, Dana; Lakusta, Laura
"Helping us by helping you": Pro bono consulting and graduate student training 2023 Gonzalez, M. F.; Offermann, L.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Bragger, J. D.; Sessa, V. I.; Kramer, M.
Why do people network? Professional networking motives and their implications for networking behaviors and career success 2023 Porter, C. M.; Woo, S. E.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Snyder, G.
Conceptualizing “positive attributes” across psychological perspectives 2024 Wilson, D.; Ng, V.; Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Jeffrey, A.; Tay, L.
Co-creating successful mentoring relationships? Investigating mentor and protégé perceptions of dyadic fit and relationship quality In corso di stampa Alonso, Nicole Ashley; Marshall, Alyssa; Porter, Caitlin; Kraiger, Kurt
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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