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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Lot-sizing in a multi-stage multi-product system 2000 Mansini, Renata; Zavanella, Lucio Enrico; Valentini, Giovanni
Managing stocks in Supply Chains: modelling and issues 2002 Zavanella Lucio, Enrico; L., Abdel Malek; Valentini, Giovanni
The consignment stock of inventories: Industrial case and performance analysis 2003 Valentini, Giovanni; Zavanella, Lucio
Design combination potential and get it done: An analysis of the drivers of technological performance in Mergers and Acquisitions 2004 Valentini, Giovanni; Di Guardo, M. C.
Organizing MNCs for value creation: Introduction 2004 Cassiman, Bruno; Valentini, Giovanni
Mergers & Acquisitions and technological performance 2005 Valentini, Giovanni
Trends in mergers and acquisitions 2006 Sleuwaegen, L; Valentini, Giovanni
Taking actively advantage of MNCs’ presence 2007 Di Guardo, Chiara; Valentini, Giovanni
Explaining the effect of M&A on technological performance 2007 DI GUARDO, M. C.; Valentini, Giovanni
Organising R&D Projects to Profit From Innovation: Insights From Co-opetition 2009 Cassiman, Bruno; Di Guardo, Maria Chiara; Valentini, Giovanni
Strategic organization of R&D: the choice of basicness and openness 2009 B., Cassiman; Valentini, Giovanni
Beyond knowledge bases: towards a better understanding of the effects of M&A on technological performance 2010 Valentini, Giovanni; A., Dawson
Organizing links with science: Cooperate or contract? A project-level analysis 2010 Valentini, Giovanni; Cassiman, Bruno; Di Guardo, Maria Chiara
Exploring the complementarity between innovation and export for SMEs’ growth 2011 Golovko, Elena; Valentini, Giovanni
M&A and the Profile of Inventive Activity 2012 Valentini, Giovanni; Di Guardo, M. C.
Measuring the effect of M&A on patenting quantity and quality 2012 Valentini, Giovanni
Profit 2013 Valentini, Giovanni
The impact of experiential and deliberate learning on post-acquisition integration 2013 Castellaneta, Francesco; Valentini, Giovanni
Bribery and its Firm-Level Outcomes in Africa and Latin America 2013 Birhanu, Addis; Gambardella, Alfonso; Valentini, Giovanni
Acquisition and diversification behaviour in large family firms 2013 Alexandra, Dawson; Valentini, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 41
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