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What Hampers Innovation?: revealed Barriers versus Deterring Barriers 2012 D'Este, P; Iammarino, S; Savona, Maria; von Tunzelmann, N
Knowledge dynamics, structural change and the geography of business services 2012 Ciarli, Tommaso; Meliciani, Valentina; Savona, Maria
Agglomeration Economies, Forward Linkages and Regional Specialisation in the EU-27 2013 Meliciani, Valentina; Savona, Maria
Service output, innovation and productivity: A time-based conceptual framework 2013 Savona, Maria; Steinmueller, W Edward
Strategic interactions in public R&D across European countries: A spatial econometric analysis 2014 Hammadou, Hakim; Paty, Sonia; Savona, Maria
The determinants of regional specialisation in business services: agglomeration economies, vertical linkages and innovation 2015 Meliciani, Valentina; Savona, Maria
Global Structural Change and value chains in services: a reappraisal. 2016 Savona, Maria
Barriers to innovation and firm productivity 2016 Coad, Alex; Pellegrino, Gabriele; Savona, Maria
The effect of demand-driven structural transformations on growth and technological change 2016 Lorentz, André; Ciarli, Tommaso; Savona, Maria; Valente, Marco
Faïz Gallouj and Faridah Djellal (Eds) (2015), “Services and Innovation”, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, Edward Elgar, 784 pages. 2017 Savona, Maria
Pain shared, pain halved? Cooperation as a coping strategy for innovation barriers 2017 Antonioli, Davide; Marzucchi, Alberto; Savona, Maria
No money, no honey? Financial versus knowledge and demand constraints on innovation 2017 Pellegrino, Gabriele; Savona, Maria
Reviving demand-pull perspectives: The effect of demand uncertainty and stagnancy on R&D strategy 2017 Garc('i)a-Quevedo, Jos('e); Pellegrino, Gabriele; Savona, Maria
University-industry linkages and academic engagements: individual behaviours and firms’ barriers. Introduction to the special section 2017 Filippetti, Andrea; Savona, Maria
Industrial policy for a European industrial renaissance: a few reflections 2018 Savona, Maria
The effect of R&D growth on employment and self-employment in local labour markets 2018 Ciarli, Tommaso; Marzucchi, Alberto; Salgado, Edgar; Savona, Maria
Varieties of european national innovation systems 2018 Wirkierman, Ariel Luis; Ciarli, Tommaso; Savona, Maria
Services in Developing Economies: The Deindustrialization Debate in Perspective 2018 Di Meglio, Gisela; Gallego, Jorge; Maroto, Andr('e)s; Savona, Maria
The Value of Data: Towards a Framework to Redistribute It 2019 Savona, Maria
Revisiting the Natural Resource ‘Curse’in the Context of Trade in Value Added: Enclave or High-development Backward Linkages? 2019 Bontadini, Filippo; Savona, Maria
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 43
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