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Epilogue: Interview with Robert Cooper 1998 Chia, Robert; Kallinikos, Ioannis
Work, human agency and organizational forms: An anatomy of fragmentation 2003 Kallinikos, Ioannis
Deconstructing information packages: Organizational and behavioural implications of ERP systems 2004 Kallinikos, Ioannis
The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological Change 2006 Kallinikos, Ioannis
Information out of information: On the self-referential dynamics of information growth 2006 Kallinikos, Ioannis
On the computational rendition of reality: Artefacts and human agency 2009 Kallinikos, Ioannis
Smart Machines 2010 Kallinikos, Ioannis
A theory of digital objects 2010 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Aaltonen, Aleksi; Marton, Attila
Bureaucracy Under Siege: On information, collaboration and networks 2011 Kallinikos, Ioannis
Video as digital object: Production and distribution of video content in the internet media ecosystem 2011 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Mariategui, Jose-Carlos
Governing through technology: Information artefacts and social practice 2011 Kallinikos, Ioannis
Materiality and organizing: Social interaction in a technological world 2012 Leonardi, Paul M; Nardi, Bonnie A; Kallinikos, Ioannis
The challenge of materiality: Origins, scope, and prospects 2012 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Leonardi, Paul M; Nardi, Bonnie A
Form, function, and matter: Crossing the border of materiality 2012 Kallinikos, Ioannis
The ambivalent ontology of digital artifacts 2013 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Aaltonen, Aleksi; Marton, Attila
Coordination and learning in Wikipedia: Revisiting the dynamics of exploitation and exploration 2013 Aaltonen, Aleksi; Kallinikos, Ioannis
Governing social practice: technology and institutional change 2013 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Hasselbladh, Hans; Marton, Attila
Patient data as medical facts: social media practices as a foundation for medical knowledge creation 2014 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Tempini, Niccol`o
Regimes of information and the paradox of embeddedness: an introduction 2015 Kallinikos, Ioannis; Ekbia, Hamid; Nardi, Bonnie
New games, new rules: big data and the changing context of strategy 2015 Constantiou, Ioanna D; Kallinikos, Ioannis
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 36
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