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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Vertrauen und Kontrolle in der Forschung 2007 Osterloh, Margit; Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
Le chercheur et l'obligation de rendre des comptes 2008 Osterloh, Margit; Frey, Bruno S.; Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
Do synergies exist in related acquisitions? A meta-analysis of acquisition studies 2009 Homberg, Fabian; Rost, Katja; Osterloh, Margit
Auslöser für Akquisitionen: Synergien oder Hybris 2010 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
Fusionen und Übernahmen im Licht der Hybris – Überblick über den Forschungsstand 2010 Homberg, Fabian; Osterloh, Margit
Monastic Governance: Forgotten Prospects for Public Institutions 2010 Inauen, Emil; Rost, Katja; Frey, Bruno S.; Homberg, Fabian; Osterloh, Margit
Können mehr Frauen in Managementetagen die Selbstüberschätzung der Manager verhindern? 2011 Homberg, FABIAN KURT FALK
Diversity, Gender and Quotas: Some academic Evidence 2013 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
Licensing the Use of Orphan Works: A Rights Clearance Simulation 2013 Favale, Marcella; Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk; Secchi, Davide
Orphan Works 2013 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk; Favale, Marcella; Kretschmer, Martin; Mendis, Dinusha; Secchi, Davide
Top Management Team Diversity: A Systematic Review 2013 Homberg, Fabian; Bui, Hong T. M.
Organizational Control Systems and Pay-for-Performance in the Public Service 2013 Frey, Bruno; Homberg, Fabian; Osterloh, Margit
The effects of gender on group work process and achievement: an analysis through self- and peer-assessment 2014 Takeda, Sachiko; Homberg, Fabian
Adaptation to Externally Driven Change: The Impact of Political Change on Job Satisfaction in the Public Sector 2014 Tabvuma, Vurain; Bui, Hong T. M.; Homberg, Fabian
Performance of Public Domain Inspired Works on Kickstarter 2015 Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk; Erickson, Kris
A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship between Public Service Motivation and Job Satisfaction 2015 Homberg, Fabian; Mccarthy, Dermot; Tabvuma, Vurain
How a multiple orientation of control reduces governance failures: a focus on monastic auditing 2015 Inauen, Emil; Osterloh, Margit; Frey, Bruno S.; Homberg, Fabian
The Effects of Disorganization on Goals and Problem Solving 2016 Herath, Dinuka; Secchi, Davide; Homberg, Fabian Kurt Falk
Human resource management (HRM) and public service motivation (PSM): Where are we, and where do we go from here? 2016 Homberg, Fabian; Vogel, Rick
Abusive supervision, public service motivation, and employee deviance: The moderating role of employment sector 2016 Vogel, Rick; Homberg, Fabian; Gericke, Alena
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