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Start-Ups and Licensing Agreements: An Exploratory Case Study 2015 Belingheri, Paola; Leone, Maria Isabella
Licensing as a Tool to Encourage Technology Transfer from Space 2015 Belingheri, Paola; Leone, Maria Isabella
Walking into the Room with IP: Exploring Start-Ups’ IP Management Practices 2016 Belingheri, Paola; Leone, Maria Isabella
When Vicarious Learning Rewards the Originating Firm: Exploring Learning Opportunities Available to the Licensor 2016 Lombardi, Sara; Belingheri, Paola; Leone, Maria Isabella
Open service innovation for a new space economy 2016 Belingheri, Paola
Intellectual property management strategies of start-ups in space-related innovation 2016 Belingheri, Paola; Schirg, F.
The relevance of Innovation for Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability 2017 Leone, Maria Isabella; Belingheri, Paola
Walking into the Room with IP: Exploring Start-ups’ IP Licensing Strategy 2017 Belingheri, Paola; Leone, Maria Isabella
Witnesses to the space race: Ireland watches the moon landing 2017 Mcavinia, Ruth; Skanke Petter, Evju; Belingheri, Paola; Liu, Bing; Guan, Chinlei; Chan, Bryan; Schebek Victoria, Katharina; O'Neill, Sobhan; Glass, Florian; Kaufmann, Marcel; Taylor, Giorgio; Franklin, Sam; Annette, Parks; Marta Lebron, Gaset; Adam, Elkins; Xuodong, Wang
Entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem for space: A handbook on how to start your own space company 2017 Patten, Norah; Panerati, Jacopo; Gaset Marta, Lebron; De Antonio, Emeline; Mckellar, Marshall; Milza, Fabiana; Coelho, Pedro; Ramirez Bryan, Perez; Raurell Daniel, Sors; Cheng, Tangming; Wang, Hongfei; Aria, Shafa; Calnan, Gary; Chao, Charlie; Clanton, Michael; Elkins, Adam; Grzesiak, Kacper; Higgins, Niamh; Kotwal Chandra, Prakash; Liu, Kai; Parks, Annette; Reddy, Shasidhar; Ruehl, Timo; Wexler, Helen; Zhongming, Wang; Hu, Zhenxin; Wang, Xiaole; Ni, Zhengzhong; Belingheri, Paola; Zhang, Mengyang
Modern IP licensing practices: new actors and new strategies 2017 Belingheri, Paola
Balancing the future space workforce: A European perspective 2018 Belingheri, Paola
Iceking: A platform combining sustainable tourism and citizen science on glaciers 2018 Belingheri, Paola; Milza, F.
Digitalising products: Towards an integrated view of challenges in development, design and user acceptance 2019 Belingheri, Paola; Neirotti, P.
The rise of space entrepreneurship: Trends in the entrepreneurship and investment committee 2019 Shar, Manny; Belingheri, Paola; Martin, Gary
Value creation in emerging technologies through text mining: the case of blockchain 2021 Chiarello, F.; Belingheri, Paola; Bonaccorsi, A.; Fantoni, G.; Martini, A.
Institutional responses to university rankings: A tale of adaptation and cognitive framing 2021 Bonaccorsi, A.; Belingheri, Paola; Blasi, B.; Romagnosi, S.
Data science for engineering design: State of the art and future directions 2021 Chiarello, F.; Belingheri, Paola; Fantoni, G.
The research productivity of universities. A multilevel and multidisciplinary analysis on European institutions 2021 Bonaccorsi, A.; Belingheri, Paola; Secondi, Luca
Twenty years of gender equality research: A scoping review based on a new semantic indicator 2021 Belingheri, Paola; Chiarello, F.; Fronzetti Colladon, A.; Rovelli, P.
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