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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A folk theorem for minority games 2005 Renault, J.; Scarlatti, S.; Scarsini, Marco
Altruism and social integration 2010 P., BRAÑAS GARZA; R., Cobo; N., Jiménez; Espinoza, M. P.; J., Kovarik; Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto
Best-response dynamics in two-person random games with correlated payoffs 2024 Mimun, Hlafo Alfie; Quattropani, Matteo; Scarsini, Marco
Corrigendum to “Social learning in nonatomic routing games” [Games Econ. Behav. 132 (2022) 221–233] 2023 Macault, Emilien; Scarsini, Marco; Tomala, Tristan
Cycles of Learning in the Centipede Game 2000 Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto
Disputed Lands 2009 Dall'Aglio, Marco; Maccheroni, Fabio
A dynamic theory of spatial externalities 2022 Boucekkine, R.; Fabbri, G.; Federico, S.; Gozzi, Fausto
Error cascades in observational learning: An experiment on the Chinos game 2011 Francesco, Feri; Miguel A., Meléndez Jiménez; Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto; Fernando Vega, Redondo
Existence of equilibria in countable games: an algebraic approach 2013 V., Capraro; Scarsini, Marco
Framing effects in public goods: Prospect Theory and experimentalevidence 2011 Iñigo Iturbe, Ormaetxe; Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto; Josefa, Tomás; Luis, Ubeda
Large newsvendor games 2007 Scarsini, Marco; L., Montrucchio
On The Number of Pure Strategy Nash Equilibria in Random Games 2000 Rinott, Joseph; Scarsini, Marco
Playing the Wrong Game: An Experimental Analysis of Relational Complexity and Strategic Misrepresentation 2008 Devetag, Maria Giovanna; Warglien, M.
Regularity of dynamic opinion games 2021 Venel, Xavier Mathieu Raymond
Social Learning in Nonatomic Routing Games 2022 Macault, Emilien; Scarsini, Marco; Tomala, Tristan
Social motives vs social influence: An experiment on interdependent time preferences 2017 Rodriguez, LARA ISMAEL; Ponti, Giovanni Benedetto
The newsvendor game has a nonempty core 2002 Mueller, A.; Scarsini, Marco; Shaked, M.
Weighted average-convexity and Shapley values 2023 Skoda, A; Venel, Xavier Mathieu Raymond
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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